100% Clean Slate!

This is so strange to type up for me. I swore I’d never in life delete an entire blog, especially not one that I’ve been maintaining for SO many years! This site has changed over and over again for almost 15 years now, and it’s now going to be home-base for my art and jewelry. I’ll be blogging along the way, plus offering online classes and details about shows and home parties.

If you’re looking for all the weight loss/healthy living/fashion/beauty stuff… it’s gone. I mean, gone-gone. Bye. No more. Lots of reasons for it, and I never thought I’d EVER delete anything I posted anywhere, but I have. It’s time that “Luna Fabulous” got fab and started showing off some fabulous creativity.

My hope is to inspire others, share projects I’m working on, and keep this as a side business. If you’re interested in my professional (ie. geeky) side, check out my namesake site. Other than that, stay tuned for lots of fun, pretty, crazy, wonderful art! :)


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